Subject: Comparing CPU Temps
By: Mike (IP: 71.93.27.*)
Written on: 09-04-2010 16:07

I am a low tech user who is looking for my first family use laptop, which will be for travel, and as a backup to our desktop. Excuse me, if I am in the wrong forum. I did not see another option for my question. I hear a lot about heat concerns. When choosing a lower end product that might have a Celeron or AMD Athlon do I need to be concerned about heat?

By: lex (IP: 112.203.215.*)
Written on: 25-04-2010 12:11

You do not to be concerned too much about the heat. Just make sure that you do not block the air vents at the sides or bottom of the computer and of course not operate in extreme temperature or leave it inside the car on a hot day!
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