Subject: adjust potentiometer
By: joy (IP: 86.45.246.*)
Written on: 20-03-2010 14:14

i has a simple question( n00b), how to adjust spindle trimming potentiometer?
i want to adjust it for 30 c max to get fan to start,

thanks in advance

By: Adam (IP: 24.144.16.*)
Written on: 09-06-2010 07:23

It briefly describes how to in the instructions for building the temperature control. As I understand it, you just have to start with a cold computer case/audio video cabinet and have the potentiometer turned so that the fans are not spinning. Turn on the electronics and wait for it to get to the highest temperature you want it to be able to run at, then turn the potentiometer so the fans JUST start to come on. If you want it to come on at a more specific temperature, I guess you could put a thermometer in there while doing this, and then just wait until the thermometer hits 30c or whatever, then make the fans come on.

Good luck
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