Subject: Alienware AREA-51 M17X heatsink questions
By: Jeff (IP: 24.233.227.*)
Written on: 12-02-2010 23:18

ok, I\'ve been having random crashes lately and i think i know what\'s causing the crashes but i was wanting to ask around and see if anyone has any additional thoughts or answers..

I am running windows vista 64 bit ultimate, and with only this window open in google chrome and speedfan open, my temps are at

All of these temperatures seem abnormally high to me. What i\'m trying to figure out is why are they doing this now. About 6 months ago I was able to run several open windows of different games simultaneously and the temperatures would only be a few degrees higher than they are now. if i run one window of a game now, i\'m looking at the following temps.

Both fans inside the computer seem to be running, but i cannot control how fast they are running, I\'ve attempted going through the bios like i do with my desktop to change the speeds but there just isn\'t an option for it. If anyone has any recommendations on what i should do about this please feel free to comment.

-a quick description of what happens when i get a crash.
50% of the time the screen will just go black and then the computer will shut down. the other 50% of the time an error message will pop up for less than a second and the computer will shut down. one of the messages was something about FA-Tray another was about PMB or PMD i couldn\'t really tell because of how fast it just shut down on me.

-things i\'ve tried.
-recreating the incident: when i have a game window open, opening another game window or attempting to play music from another source will cause a shutdown within 5 minutes.
-drivers are updated
-reformatted and reinstalled windows
-re-updated drivers and windows updates
checked the fans to make sure they were operating and to check for any blockage in the cooling system

i\'m honestly at a loss here so like i said any input would be appreciated.

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