Subject: high voltage application
By: electronoob (IP: 64.85.236.*)
Written on: 19-12-2009 19:58

Well, once again I\'ve jumped into the deep end of something I barely understand.

I\'d like to use the temperature controlled cooling instructions to control two fans, the specs of which are:

Operating Voltage: 24 Volts
Voltage Range: 21.6 - 26.4 Volts
Power Supply: 2.2 Watts
Line Current: 0.09 Amps
Locked Rotor Current 0.09 Amps

They\'re cooling 24V battery packs, and each pack has two fans to draw air through. I\'m using one of these temperature controls per battery pack, but it doesn\'t seem like the pot can handle this much power. It works with smaller ~16V secondary battery packs, but ideally I\'d like them to be powered by the battery pack that\'s using the fans.

It seems like the solution would be to ge a wirewound pot with a higher power rating, but anything in the 4W range seems to be about $40 a pop on Mouser\'s website. At that price to make 4 of these, it\'s just cheaper to buy more batteries!

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