Subject: HAF 932 case + Ultra 120 extreme fan setup help
By: Arch (IP: 76.68.233.*)
Written on: 11-12-2009 03:34

Hey, I just bought a HAF 932 limited edition case and I figured might as well buy me an Ultra 120 extreme heat sink along with it.

My only question is, what would be a optimal fan setup to have a good air flow going in the case.

At the moment I have my fans set up like this:

So I have the 230mm (1) at the bottom blowing hopefully colder room air in, the top 230mm (2) blowing air out, the smaller rear 140mm (2) blowing air out, and finally the 120mm (3) for the heat sink also blowing air upwards.

All this to work on the hot air flowing upwards and bla bla.

My question is, should I have the 120mm (3) installed under the heat sink blowing air in (would that matter) and also switch the rear 140mm (2) blowing air into, as it\'s right next to the heat [/img]sink?

edit: one of the main reason why the 120mm is sitting on top of the heat sink is because the stupid pins provided don\'t fit my fan and it\'s a pain and worried it\'ll just fall, but I could improvise with some handy steel wires or paper slips and what not. But, if it doesn\'t matter then meh.

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