Subject: Which cooling system ??
By: Gui31 (IP: 218.69.0.*)
Written on: 25-11-2009 07:22

Hi Team

My girlfriend and I are buying a computer this weekend and i was wondering which cooling \'architecture\' will better suit our needs. The Cooling FAQ is a great help but i still can\'t figure out if fans (x2) will be enough or if we\'d need a water-cooling system.

She plays a lot of games (yes, her not me ) and i mostly use video/sound applications. We\'re thinking an ASUS P7P55D motherboard with a Core-i7 295 CPU, an ATI Radeon 5870 graphic card, an ASUS Essence STX audio card, and she\'ll play games (these days she is on Fallout3).

Would you recommend a fan-based system (1 in the lower-front, 1 in the upper-rear, no pun intended)?? or a water-based system??

Thanks in advance for your answer !

By: HUSS (IP: 24.115.80.*)
Written on: 26-11-2009 09:30

Hello, My suggestion would be both types will work fine. For a heat pipe based cooler using 2 fans one on the back of the case and one on the cooler I would go with a Noctua brand cooler. They are a little more expensive than the others but, you will get what you pay for. Also if you go with larger fans you can run them at slower speeds which will make them quieter. Check out there site for spec\'s. I have built heat pipes for 18 years and I know how there\'s are made. It\'s all about quality. I would stay away from liquid coooling if you are not familiar with them. They can sometimes be more work in the long run and there is still the chance of leakage with all of them. One last thing if you keep the inside of the computer clean a fan based cooler can last a very long time with out problems.
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