Subject: For Chiller Usage??
By: KerryG (IP: 98.154.112.*)
Written on: 01-11-2009 22:06

I have a ground fogger that I use for different effects like Halloween. The problem I have with it is that I have to go out every 15 minutes and put another couple cups of ice in it. I was thinking of trying peltier cooling instead.

What I am thinking is to have the element in between two heatsinks. with the cold side inside the ice reservoir and an heatsink on the hot side with the heatsink outside of the cooler.

Can anyone tell me if using one, two, or even three setups like this would do what I am looking to do. Assuming I can get the heatsinks on the cold side relatively close to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, than this would work perfectly and eliminate the need for ice.

By: Tillmann (IP: 92.230.56.*)
Written on: 21-02-2010 22:27


I\'d first try to get temperatures down by conventional cooling, using standard fans. Possibly add a heat sink or replace the existing heat sink by a larger one.
For such a setup, I\'d use Peltier elements only as a last resort if nothing else helps.

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