Subject: heat sink clip support broke!!
By: Val (IP: 66.177.202.*)
Written on: 13-10-2009 22:06


I took out my old heat sink not knowing that I was supposed to leave the support clip attached to the motherboard. I snapped off one of the loops off of the support clip. This will be used for the retainer clips when I install new heat sink/fan. I haven\'t been able to find a new clip support anywhere except for socket size 775 and this is 478. Can I just install the heat sink without using both clips or rig some other way to ensure it connects securely to the mb? I was thinking of zip ties but wasn\'t sure about the heat melting these...

any help please!!

By: Ray_GTI-R (IP: 86.128.79.*)
Written on: 17-10-2009 02:06

Not 100% sure what\'s broken but I think you are talking about the plastic frame that fits on/ into the motherboard to which the standard Intel Socket 478 heatsink fan assembly will clip.
Here are some Ebay items that may suit:-
360192364877 (Cradle)
360185487598 (Clamp)
HTH, Ray
By: Val (IP: 66.177.202.*)
Written on: 21-10-2009 22:49

I did the exact same thing. I bought my new retainer bracket on newegg super cheap. came with back bracket, retainer clip and the 4 screws to attach it to the motherboard. I think it was around $6 including shipping.
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