Subject: Peltier Unit Assembly
By: EdB (IP: 216.45.67.*)
Written on: 12-10-2009 20:10

The wine chiller I\'m working on has a Peltier unit, Emerson Brand and notorius for not cooling. The fans all work, and extra air flow does not help. My questions is: Does the heat sink unit require a certain amount of heat sink grease to be operational? My past experiances with some cooling units was it did matter. When I dis-assembled the heatsink, there was almost no grease between the one side, and none on the other side.

By: Ray_GTI-R (IP: 86.128.79.*)
Written on: 17-10-2009 02:12

Yes, you answered your own question, more thermal grease required. But do not over-do it else ...!!!
FWIW there are thermal greases and thermal greases. I recommend ShinEtsu Microsi (always).
HTH, Ray
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