Subject: Fan + housing to aluminum heatsink
By: booboojerkers (IP: 128.170.76.*)
Written on: 02-10-2009 00:36

I am wanting to flow a 7\" x 2\" extruded aluminum heat sink fin base. Only have 3 inch space between the sink and the back panel. Because of this will most likely use an axial fan. I want to have the square fan go into a housing that spreads out into a cross section directly to the heat sink fin base. Does anybody have a referral to a company that makes housings going from say an axial fan square shape (4\"x4\" spreading out to a blower type rectangular shape (7\" x 2\" ??

Plastic or metal housing or hardware material will do. Trying to avoid machining such a housing.


By: HUSS (IP: 24.115.80.*)
Written on: 02-11-2009 23:55

Your best bet is to go to a hobby shop or A.C. Moore and buy some thin plastic sheets or go to the hardware store and get some sheet metal and make your own housing. Sometimes it\'s just easier than trying to find something that might work.
By: madman (IP: 69.171.161.*)
Written on: 05-03-2011 05:06

I had a similar issue a while back extremely limited space in my cabinet as well as having to remotely mount my fan but I gathered some flexible aluminum hose like stuff from my dryer but several different sizes and with some patience and lots of aluminum tape I succeeded First I cut a cardboard cutout to mount to the fan then got busy shaping the tubing to fit I ended up being able to direct the airflow to all three of my heat issues in much the same space as you are describing.
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