Subject: USB power
By: Lariat (IP: 98.213.13.*)
Written on: 25-09-2009 08:25

With the temp. control diagram, could you instead of using an ext. 12volt AC/DC power adapters use the power from the USB??
My fans are 5 volts the power from the USB is also 5 volts, so would this work. Or am I way off on this?? I know that the red is power & the black is ground in a USB cable. What do you think??

By: HUSS (IP: 24.115.80.*)
Written on: 19-10-2009 01:38

Yes, you can use the USB for a 5v fan. If you were to try and plug anything with a higher voltage requirement into the USB your computer should give you a warning that the USB is only 5v. I converted a battery opperated LED stick on light to run off my USB and it works great.
By: Rpb (IP: 76.170.129.*)
Written on: 20-01-2010 07:32

I want to do the same thing, but my fan is a 12 volt. Currently I have it running through a 5V usb and it just runs slower(which is fine for what I\'m using it for).
Is it really that big of a deal that its running on a lower voltage?
Will the temperature control work?
Also, I thought the black(negative) line was different than the ground?
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