Subject: cooling
By: SavemyPC (IP: 24.12.107.*)
Written on: 25-09-2009 01:58

my computer fan (guessing cpu fan) has been making a loud and hard noise non stop really fast....

ive been having this problem . the fan has annoyed me for a long time but now since i cleaned it its non surprised my cpu hasn\'t melted.

just downloaded speedfan which tells me that my cpu temp is over 90 c ...right now it\'s at 77 c..but when i open a new web page it goes up to 97 c

my cpu is an intel pentium 4 3.06 ghz

should i replace my heatsink??which heatsink should i buy?

if i do need to find one that\'s compatible with my pc do i find out which heatsink is compatible with my PC?

how much do heatsinks cost?

i already cleaned my computer.

how can i cool my cpu?that is not too expensive.
or can it be something else?

thank you very much for your help.

By: Huss (IP: 24.115.80.*)
Written on: 27-09-2009 05:56

Hello, Just look on Ebay. You just need a good 4 or 6 heat pipe system or a liquid cooling system such as Cool it Domino here is an Ebay link

For a heat pipe based cooler I would go with this brand. It may be a little more expensive than others but, you get what you pay for.

I have 18 years experience building heat pipe based systems, vapor chambers, liquid cooling and others for Thermacore Inc. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me at.....
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