Subject: motherboard temp
By: ashish (IP: 122.168.245.*)
Written on: 01-05-2009 13:33

hi i have purchased a new system. E 5200, Asus P5Q- E,Kingston 2GB, MSI 4850 512MB, zebronic Pro 600, Zebronic B2, etc etc.

So my query is what should be ideal tempratue for pc component,Asus probe is showing this:

CPU - 31 Celsius upto 40 when playing games
Motherboard- 40 `C upto 50

so kindly advise me and give some link . if some chassis fan needed ,kindly advise me regardingly. currently i have 1 cpu stock fan,1 smps fan inbulit,,4 cabinet fans (2 side 120 mm+80mm,1 rear 120 mm,1front 120 mm).i am a gamer.i can change to other good fans if needed.

By: Ray (IP: 86.163.118.*)
Written on: 24-06-2009 01:50

CPU temperature is excellent considering gaming use. (What heatsink are you using and what case is it all fitted into? It is important to the rest of this reply.)
Motherboard seems hot although not incandescent but a true result from a probe on the Northbridge would be a better place to start.
Anyway - from the link here > < the NB cooling system seems entirely passive (I know vapour change is involved but something needs to get rid of the heat that is being passed along the line). And if the CPU heatsink is directly warming the end of the NB heatpipe - well you can guess the result!
Yes, I suggest you initially try temporarily fitting a lazy fan that directly cools the end of the heat pipe heatsink ... AND that it exhausts any hot air out of the case. Not easy given the layout???

Cheers, Ray
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