Subject: Ambient temperatures
By: Ray (IP: 81.154.236.*)
Written on: 24-04-2009 03:48

Are these observations correct?
0.2C ambient temperature drop = 1C object temperature drop. (Big heatsink, no fan.)
21.3C ambient = 29.7C
21.5C ambient = 30.7C
Test object is a 2.5\" SATA -to-USB case running at 100% load with a lapped 150mm x 95mm x 15mm tall multi-finned 250gm aluminium heatsink resting on top & no thermal interface material.
Adding a fan (any fan, any orientation) dramatically reduces the object temperature, of course.
Thanks, Ray.

By: Ray (IP: 86.163.119.*)
Written on: 19-07-2009 03:55

Cool your ambient temperature without airconditioning!

My PC was placed on my desk.
Measured CPU* temperature at ambient desktop 21C as 26.5C.
Then I moved the PC onto the floor ...
Measured CPU temperature at ambient floor 19C as 24.5C.

I know people who have spent a fortune to get a reliable, consistent 2C drop in CPU temperature.

(Open door & window ... no-one\'s watching ... UK summer!)
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